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Here are some miscellaneous findings about particular salts by
contributors on our Message Board that don't fit in anywhere else.

Hobnail Salt or Ashtray
Hobnail Salt This item is most commonly referred to as made by Fenton. It is not. Several Fenton collectors verify that Fenton made no open salts in regular production. In fact, Joan F. said she called in to QVC once when Bill and Don Fenton appeared as guests and asked, while they were on air, if Fenton ever produced an open salt. Both Bill and Don said "not to their knowledge". This piece is probably attributed to Fenton because they produced so much hobnail glass. Their hobnail ashtrays are an entirely different shape. This piece was made in colors that suggest it originated around the 1880s and could very well be an open salt. We have just not yet found any catalog to prove the age, maker or intended purpose. Judy C. says there are about 5 different versions even though they are not very obvious.

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Pillivuyt Double Salt
Pillivyut Salt Linda H. has written to this company, still in operation in 2018, to ask about the age of this white ceramic double salt. Their response was "The back stamp does provide information about the production date. There will be three digits at the bottom of the stamp. The first two indicate the year, and the last digit indicates the quarter of production. For example, 01 3 would mean the piece was produced in 2001 during the 3rd quarter." So the salt pictured was made in the 2nd quarter of 1990.

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