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There are some eBay and/or antique dealers who usually
have a good number of open salts for sale,
either because they are or were collectors themselves,
or because they specialize in buying and selling smaller items.
Some people do shows or have a booth at an antique shop.
You can email them for a show schedule or directions.
(Underlined names are direct links to send that person an email,
to their eBay selling lists or shops, or to their website.)

John Atzbach John Atzbach Antiques
15127 NE 24th ST, #118
Redmond, WA 98052-5547
Imperial Russian items including many open salts
Show schedule on website
Carolyn Bugel eBay seller ID = osalt-see
Open salts
Joan Feasler eBay seller ID = hiddentreasure007
Open salts
Elaine Henderson
EAPG and Lacies
Richard Hunt eBay seller ID = crunjix
Lots of open salts
Mary Kern eBay seller ID = kerncat
Monthly show in the San Diego area.
Email for dates and info.
Jane Koble eBay seller ID = intaglioetc
Entire list of open salts & spoons for sale. $5 for copying and postage.
Brenda McLeod eBay seller ID = onesmallblonde
Lots of open salts
Mary Shepard Salts No Peppers
Open salts on Etsy
Gwen Stebbins Lillaby Creek Antiques
Lisa Tiedeman eBay seller ID = clskt
Lots of open salts
Lyleann Walker

We also do shows
Antique Emporium
Booth #83
Bay & Trenton Avenues
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
eBay Store
Saltinanas Salt and China Treasures
Donna Wolfe Wolfe's Antiques
Hometown Antiques
59 S. Main Street
Red Lion, PA 17356
eBay seller ID = dwolfe
eBay Store
Wolfe's Antiques and Open Salts

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