Barouche or Car Salts

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The cobalt car pictured is by L. G. Wright modeled after the Barouche salt made by Central Glass Company around 1880-85. Besides the obvious size difference, the larger Wright reproduction has a center groove for a cigarette. Wright closed it's doors in 1999 and this mold was bought by Fenton. No further information is known.

The smaller old salt by Central Glass is known in clear, blue, amber and yellow (vaseline). The larger L. G. Wright version is available in clear and many other colors.

Central Glass & L.G. Wright cars   Central Glass & L.G. Wright cars
Central Glass & L.G. Wright cars

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The entry below is from the book Viking Glass 1944-1970 by Dean Six, copyrighted in 2003, published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. This explains how even though a company such as L. G. Wright may own the mold, the piece may actually be made by another or several different glass companies.

L.G. Wright car by Viking Glass

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