Avon Salts

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Avon commissioned Fostoria Glass Company to make an open salt for them, which was originally sold as a candle. The mark is "AVON" on the bottom in one corner, or with an additional "R" in a circle. It is very similar to the Henry Ford Museum one, except this one is round and only made in clear glass. They can usually be found in the $5-15 price range. The higher end of that estimate should include the original candle and packaging.

Avon Glass Salt   Avon Glass Salt Mark 1   Avon Glass Salt Mark 2

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Avon also sold a silver plated master salt with a glass liner and matching spoon, originally as a candle. It is 3" top diameter by 2-1/8" high and spoon is 3" long with a graceful bend. The mark is "AVON SILVERPLATE" on the bottom, along with letters "HMC" which stands for Hudson Manor Collection. The spoon is also marked as shown. They can be found for $10-20 for just the salt and spoon but may run higher with original liner, candle and packaging.

Avon Silverplate Salt Avon Silverplate Salt Mark

Avon Spoon Mark
Avon Silverplate Complete

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