Salt Cellars in Museums

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Here are some open salts found in museums worldwide that are pictured online. Probably the most famous saltcellar is that of Benvenuto Cellini made about 1540.
Cellini Salt Cellar
It was stolen from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna in Austria. On May 11, 2003. Valued at 58 million dollars, it was recovered unharmed on January 21, 2006 when the suspected thief led the Austrian police to its hiding place. Click HERE to read the article on the theft.

Below are some links that will take you directly to individual item pages of various museums worldwide. Numbers after a museum name are all separate pages. In some cases, you may click on the salt images for a larger image. Since these are links to outside web sites, you will need to use your own browser "back" button to return to this page.

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Pictures of open salts taken at museums.

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Star   Fostoria OH Museum - September 2007   Star

Star   Toledo Glass Pavillion - June 2007   Star

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