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Below are web site links that can be helpful for identifying marks we might come across on open salts. These links will take you to outside web sites, so you will have to use your own browser's back button to return here.

silver logo This is, an excellent online resource for researching silver marks.
Boyd logo Helpful for identifying and dating the color name of a Boyd Crystal Art Glass open salt. Click on each small chick picture for a larger image.
Brilliant Glass Glass logo All about cut glass including patterns and cutting houses.
British Glass Marks logo Marks and labels on British Glass after World War II.
Doulton logo Great source for dating Doulton Lambeth and Royal Doulton pieces.
Gaudy logo Gaudy Dutch, Gaudy Welsh and Gaudy Ironstone...a thumbnail description of each and how to tell the difference.
Great Glass logo Link to the Great Glass website page of marks on all glass.
Hardernet logo DANISH GLASS - Click on Glassworks, then click on each company to see the glass attributed to that company. All but a couple have salts pictured.
Irish Belleek logo Identifies the marks on Irish Belleek china.
Pins down the time of manufacture.
Loetz logo All about Loetz Glass with many pictures.
Noritake logo Click on the years or other informational links on this page.
Royal Copenhagen logo History of marks of Royal Copenhagen.
Trenton logo Marks of Trenton, NJ potters.
USA Pottery Marks Early pottery marks of US makers from the
Crockery and Glass Journal 1905-06.

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