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Here's a list of the best books and reference materials we know of for open salt collectors. Many of them are helpful to identify pattern names and/or makers of open salts. Others are merely pictures of past collections with no information provided. We all know the feeling of finally pinning down a pattern name or maker by seeing our exact salt pictured somewhere. The first 6-8 books are probably the most helpful for collectors. Then there are the individual glass company books such as Heisey, Fostoria, Cambridge, etc. which show all their wares including open salts. There's also been some auction catalogs and magazine articles in various publications over the years.

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Open Salt Compendium
by Sandra Jzyk and Nina Robertson

Beautiful photography throughout, and some very rare open salts. All pictures in full color.

5000 Open Salts
by William Heacock and Patricia Johnson

Better known as H & J, it's the bible of open salt collectors. Be sure to see the H & J Project pages under References on this website.

Doulton Open Salts
by Elaine Cooper

This book has over 200 colored photographs of open salts, including many with matching pepper pots and mustard pots and many are in holders. Each piece is described as to artist when known and its size is given. Included is the history of the Doulton Company and some of its famous artists. Pictured are open salts made by Doulton Lambeth, Doulton Burslem and Royal Doulton. Doulton artware are identified with their characteristics and the period in which they were made. Doulton marks are illustrated and identified as to when they were used. The photographs are large enough to show real detail.

One Thousand Individual Open Salts Illustrated
650 More Individual Open Salts Illustrated
The Third Book of Individual Open Salts Illustrated
Individual Open Salts Illustrated 1976 Annual
Individual Open Salts Illustrated 1977 Annual
Individual Open Salts Illustrated 1978 Annual
840 Individual Open Salts Illustrated The Seventh Book
1100 Open Salts Illustrated The Eighth Book
900 Open Salts Illustrated Individuals and Masters The Ninth Book
1334 Open Salts Illustrated The Tenth Book

by Allan B. and Helen B. Smith

Series of 10 books that were originally printed from 1972 to 1984.

Pressed Glass Salt Dishes of the Lacy Period 1825-1850
by L.W. and D.B. Neal

465 Lacy era salts. This book's copyright was never renewed and is therefore free domain. It is shown in it's entirety on this website with a visual chart for easy searching. It's under References > Open Salts in Books or use THIS LINK.

Old Salts
by Mr. & Mrs. Addison E. Coddington

Click HERE for book.

Salt Dishes
by C.W. Brown

Illustrations and descriptions of 1359 different salt dishes from the collection of C.W. Brown. Originally published in hard cover in 1937. All black and white group pictures of mostly clear glass master salts. Reprinted in 1968, 148 p. Supplement showing an additional 1098 salt dishes published in 1941, reprinted in 1970, 107p.

The Handbook of Gorham Open Salt Dishes
by George and Carolyn Tompkins

Excellent reference for silver salts made by Gorham Manufacturing Company of Providence, Rhode Island. Rockport, Maine: Archimedes Press, 1987. 152p.

A Guide to Sandwich Glass; Blown Tableware, Pressed Cup Plates and Salts
by Raymond E. Barlow and Joan E. Kaiser

Beautiful reference book on Sandwich glass salts. It has nice color pictures, great history and descriptions, and includes a price list.

Contemporary Glass Open Salt Dishes
by Ed Bowman

Hartford, City, IN: the author, 1999. 35 pages.

American Glass
by George S. and Helen McKearin

Early American glass.

Two Hundred Years of American Blown Glass
by Helen and George S. McKearin

Has some beautiful color examples of early blown glass salts.

Pressed Glass in America
by John & Elizabeth Welker

The best book about pressed glass history, glass factories, and glass patterns, bar none. Unfortunately it is out of print, but may be available through local libraries.

Old Silver
by Seymour B. Wyler

Not much about salts, but it does have the keys to the English silver marks from the 17th century onward.

International Hallmarks on Silver Collected
by Tardy

This is the essential hallmark book!

Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers
by Dorothy J. Rainwater

The first place to go if you are trying to track down a silver mark.

Field Guide to Pattern Glass
by Molly Helen McCain

Best place to look if you are trying to identify the pattern on one of your salts.

New Dictionary of Marks, Pottery and Porcelain
by Ralph & Terry Kovel

The place to start to identify the mark on your china salts.

Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks
by Geoffrey A. Godden

The next place to go if the mark is British and it isn't in Kovel.

Glass Signatures, Trademarks and Trade Names
by Anne Geffken Pullen

A reasonable sample of the ones most often seen. There is a recent book on the subject published in German that is literally 6" thick and really exhaustive in its coverage, but most book shelves are crowded enough already without it.

Fostoria, the First 50 Years
by Hazel Marie Weatherman

Has many old factory catalogs and covers most of their salts.

Victorian Glass Handbook
by Ruth Webb Lee

May come in handy for identifying pattern glass. Also has Victorian glass novelties pictured that include open salts. Soft cover reprints can be found inexpensively.

Sandwich Glass Handbook
by Ruth Webb Lee

Black and white pictures of some rare Lacy salts but are not pattern identified. This soft cover reprint can also be found inexpensively.

American and European Pressed Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass
by Jane Shadel Spillman

No price guide, but fantastic (some color, most B & W) pictures and brief descriptions.

The Glass Industry in Sandwich, Volume I
by Raymond E. Barlow

Windhan, NH: Barlow-Kaiser, 1993.

Nineteenth Century Glass Its Genesis and Development
by Albert Christian Revi

Galahad Books, New York City, 1959,1967
No salts, but a good definition and black and white examples of many different types of glass.

Marks & Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery & Porcelain (14th Edition)
by Wm. Chaffers

Borden Publishing Company, Los Angeles, California, 1946.

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Salt & Pepper Shakers
by Melva R. Davern
2nd series: Figural and novelty. Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 1995, c1990. 213 p.

A Definitive Pictorial Guide to Westmoreland's Salt and Pepper Shakers
by Ruth Ann Grizel

Solon, Iowa: WB Book Sales, 1992. 100 p.

The World of Salt Shakers
Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 1976. 127 p.
The World of Salt Shakers
2nd ed. Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 1992. 310 p.
The World of Salt Shakers
2nd ed. Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 1998. 311 p.
by Mildred Lechner

The Complete Salt and Pepper Shaker Book
by Mike Schneider
Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1993.

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Auction catalogs

The Elsholz Collection of Early American Glass
This is a fabulous set of three hardcover books listing and picturing every lot of mostly colored glass that was auctioned off on November 17 & 18, 1987. It was the 60 year collection of Mr. & Mrs. William Elsholz. Prices realized included. Many early open salt dishes.

The Hambidge Collection of Early American Glass
Set of three softcover books covering three different auction sessions in February, June and October 2000. Color pictures and prices realized.

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