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Articles on open salts have appeared occasionally in antique magazines, collector magazines, and other publications.

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Star   Bird with Berry Open Salt   Star
by Joan Feasler

Star   Hen on Nest Open Salts   Star
by Judy Chisum

Star   Blue and White   Star
by Debi Raitz

Star   Silver Overlay   Star
by Debi Raitz

Star   Double Glass Salts   Star
by Debi Raitz

Star   Collector News Jul. 2010   Star
You Collect What?

Star   AntiqueWeek   Star
Shakers are Worth Their Salt

Star   Quimper Club Journal Dec. 2004   Star
Form & Decor - Salts

Star   Antiquites Brocante Sept. 2004   Star
Salts & Sugars Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Star   Period Living & Traditional Homes Mar. 2004   Star
Salt of the Earth

Star   AntiqueWeek   Star

Star   Antiques & Collecting May 2001   Star
Salt Cellar Collection Part 1   Part 2

Star   Relics Feb. 1974   Star
Salt Spoons

Star   Woman's Day Aug. 1964   Star
Sandwich Glass Salts

Star   Hobbies Magazine Aug. 1937   Star
Brown Collection Part 1   Part 2

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